TAIPEI - About 61.6 percent of the respondents aged 18 to 29 in Taiwan said their willingness to study, work or invest in the mainland has increased due to preferential policies toward Taiwan compatriots, according to a survey on the island.The survey carried out by Global Views, a monthly magazine focused on politics, economics and social affairs in Taiwan, said the desire to study, work or invest in the mainland was highest among Taiwan people aged 18 to 29, compared to other age groups.A similar survey done by the same magazine 10 years ago showed youth in Taiwan were most likely to have negative attitudes toward the mainland, but today's young people are the least likely to have these views compared to other age groups, said the magazine in a report.The attitude toward the mainland among young people in Taiwan has changed dramatically.The report pointed out the reason was that Taiwan's youth have become much more practical when facing choices about their future development.Only 3.3 percent of all the interviewees said the island's authorities should strongly oppose preferential policies, but almost none of the young respondents chose this option, according to the report. customised wristbands uk
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